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Cameron is an eclectic bassist who tries to find new functions for his bass at every chance. He taught himself to play the bass for the first 4 years, only receiving formal teaching during the past 3 years. While providing the low frequencies for the bands in which he plays, he also tries to meld seamlessly with the drummer to create astounding rhythmic patterns and a seemingly bottomless pocket. Still a growing bassist, Cameron, now 22 years old, has been playing bass for 7 years now, and he has progressed steadily during those years. He has played in numerous ensembles and bands, and upon arriving at college, immersed himself in the jazz department and was the driving force behind the Virginia Tech Jazz Orchestra along with the school’s Jazz Vocal Choirs until he graduated.. He is also a member of a few popular bands in the Blacksburg and Roanoke area, trying to revitalize the music scene with quality music. Cameron aspires to become a professional musician and it appears that he is on his way. His influences include: Bernard Hairston, Marcus Miller, Victor Wooten, Stanley Clarke, Jaco Pastorius, Oteil Burbage, Adam Nitti,cRay Brown, Paul Chambers and his own blend of spices to create the bassist you see today.


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