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Born in Canada and educated on Uranus (is it any wonder he's an ass?), Rich made a pilgrimage at the age of 9 to beautiful Alaska, a cultural Mecca and epicenter of rock music, where he is considered by many locals to be "the best thing since that kid who could hum and whistle at the same time." While he wasn't getting hammered in local bars, 12-year-old Rich spent his spare time hanging out in the local pawn/music shop, practicing the licks that would one day bring him world-wide acclaim, and annoying the piss out of patrons and owner alike. (life's not that much different for him now, he just annoys his employees and innocent children instead). Then he went to Berkley, toured the world in bands, was ranked #1 in the world in Ju-Jitsu, and other shit like that. He also became the Most Honored King of the Land of Badested where he is fondly known as King Dick. Now, he is back in sunny VA to reek havoc on the ears of rednecks once again. (Ask him to play Freebird sometime. Really, he'll love it.)

Cameron is the cool-cat, bass-playing maniac that currently supplies the bottom end for the RJP (not to mention a little sanity in the midst of the chaos!). What a great bottom it is too-- he gets at least three compliments per show about how hot it is! (Oh wait, or was that for the hair??) Well, it wasn't always so.... before he joined RJP and had the benefit of Rich's killer fashion sense, Cameron was, well, downright f-ugly. Here's a high school picture to prove it!

Its a wonder what clothes can do for a guy, huh?

Currently, Cameron is excelling at his new job where he is putting his Psychology degree to good use. Its not every Phone Sex Operator who gets three gold stars and his own parking space in his first month! We're so proud. And he's not letting any of the new found riches and fame go to his head -- well other than the occasional international trip to Milan, Armanti suit purchase, or beach party for 100 of his closest friends (who knew his friends were all Hawiian Tropics girls??? Funny how that happens) Anyway, if you have a spare hour or two and want to hear for yourself, Just call 1-900-ALL-MALE and ask for Barry!!!

Before becoming RJP's newest drummer, Sean was the premier yoga instructor in a prestigious nudist colony located in beautiful West Virginia. We're not real sure what Sean's motivation was to work in a nudist colony, however, we're sure it had something to do with serenity and inner peace. Unfortuately, the nudist colony bordered a trailer park and Sean's propensity to express himself with pink skull caps tended to inflame the residents of the trailer park who were a tad more inclined to a color slightly redder... Lucky for us, Rich and his new lady love, Fantasia, were vacationing at the nudist colony and had the strange overwhelming desire to learn yoga. In the peace and quiet of that fateful morning, Rich and Sean discussed many philosophical issues including how much gear one gearhead had to have before a gearhead needed more gear, the pros and cons of redheads wearing pink, dream weddings, and what they REALLY wanted for Christmas but were afraid to ask for. Lucky for us, they eventually got around to talking about music and Rich convinced Sean to leave the nudist colony before the trailer park residents stopped being inflamed and just plain ol' lit fire to Sean's yoga mat (also pink, by the way).

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