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A great guitar player... excellent technique Michael Angelo Batio

Richard is a Mother F.... on that there guitar man! Bobby 'Rock' Landgraph - guitarist for Down

Never afraid to go outside, Great job Richard! Stevie Salas - Producer/Guitarist

Richard Jessee's musicianship is the just the right balance of ferocity, technicality, heart, and honesty.Carter Arrington - guitar guru

Wonderful guitarist...great chops and a fantastic sense of musical humor Shawn Lane

One of the most versatile guitarist I've ever heard.... adds his orginial touch regardless of genre....always promt, prepared, flexible and above all, always puts on a good show. His playing's world class. Howard Petruziello, WROV 96.3 music director

RIchard Jessee is a virtuoso guitar player... and the Richard Jessee Project is a band that has national potential. In live performance, the Richard Jessee Project is exciting and fun. Kevin Walsh, program director, WVVV Rock 105

Do not miss the opportunity to check out the [Richard Jessee project] live, they put on a hell of a show and I love it! The Barber from Hell has been in our top five phone requests for several weeks. Stevie Lynne, music director at WVVV, Rock 105

A biting, intense musical romp through many styles... The Project is notorious for its antics. Spotlight Entertainment Guide, Princeton, WVa

Not only can guitarist Richard Jessee, tear up a rock song with his hard driving, hard edged guitar licks, he can do it with his toes, teeth and tongue. Heather Rayburn, Ashville Citizen Times, Ashville NC

Floats, loops, and slams its way in several different directions, but then heads back to its center for one satisfying ride. Martin Fullington, Out and About Magazine

Must-see, drop-jaw-in-awe live shows... doses of brilliance. Joe Tennis, Bristol Herald, Bristol TN

Terrifying, twisted, wonderfully warped... intensely energetic, highly syncopated... un-nerving diversity.... to overuse the overused vernacular, RJP is simply awesome. Douglas Crouse, ArtBeat magazine, Roanoke VA

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